Fresh wound

One of the purposes of Broken and Remade is to help us all be real and show how we are all in need of God. I don’t want to just write when things are good and give you all the false picture that Bob and Michelle are always doing so well.

I want to share a moment that is still a very fresh wound and I am in the middle of an emotional messy moment over.

My ex wife filed for us to reevaluate our child support and we had to send in all our financial documents. That is all well and good, until today I just got a notice in the mail requesting a hearing on the Wednesday of the only week of the year we planned to take a vacation together.

This was in the middle of the excitement of having Timothy with us for the 4 day memorial day weekend.

Talk about the biggest blow to our happiness. Now I understand that I am called on to be thankful in good or in bad times, but I am a human and this hurts so much.

It is not wrong for us to hurt, it is not wrong for us to be upset and trust me we are both. What is wrong is for me not to trust God and His will. Christians should not pretend everything is always wonderful and perfect in our lives, because the only thing that is both of those is not a thing but a who, it is God.

So we will continue to hurt, but we will also continue to trust. Moments like this make us cling to our hope that Jesus will return and set things right. I love you all and am glad I can be real with you. We are in this together and need God in our lives. – Bob