One life, one hope.

One life without end due to the life He gave.
I’m scared to die, to close my eyes, to see what waits for me.
Holding on to hope through promises He made.
To grasp upon His reality a struggle for a feeble mortal mind.
I did nothing to live, I will do nothing to die. He gave and He will take.
At His call I will go when and where I go.
Grasping on to everything, I hold on to nothing, but letting go of all allows me to receive.
A disconnect I battle between heart and mind. My wounds have scarred my feelings.
Let me feel again, let my emotions bleed again.
Love and loss, joy and pain dance a dance through memory.
A past has molded and shaped, a God has directed and led and here I stand.
I have learned a wisdom beyond human ability, for a new Spirit dwells with me.
I see now my God, my Comforter.
Into the mirror I see what I am and through your Word I fall in worship.
You alone be praised, you alone be lifted up.
I bow, I give up, I follow.
Go before me, lead.
Your will be done, your life dwell in me for you alone are God.
So though I fear the end I also long for the beginning that comes when hope turns to reality.
One life without end due to the life He gave. – Bob